BASE Management Consulting and its consultants have been key contributors in initiatives that have won several awards including the following:

2011 ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Award

This is awarded by ESRI for organizations that have embraced geographic information system (GIS) technology to improve the world, and was presented for the City of Calgary's CORE Mapping Project. Our own Ruben Lipszyc was involved in this entire project's lifecycle including designing the future state processes that were executed by the organization after implementation.

2011 URISA Distinguished System in Enterprise Systems Award

This award from URISA (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association) recognizes extraordinary achievement by government agencies in the use of automated information systems. This award was also won by the CORE Mapping Project.

2011 ESRI Canada Award of Excellence

This was another award for the CORE Mapping Project which is presented to organizations for outstanding achievements in the application of GIS technology.

2013 URISA Exemplary Systems in Government Award - Enterprise Systems Cateogry

This is awarded by URISA to recognize exceptional achievements in the application of information technology that have improved the delivery and quality of government services. Systems in this category are outstanding and working examples of using information systems technology in a multi-department environment as part of an integrated process. These systems exemplify effective use of technology yielding widespread improvements in the process(es) and/or service(s) involved and/or cost savings to the organization.

This was presented to the Geospatial Emergency Management (GEM) project for the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA). GEM was a large and complex undertaking by the City of Calgary to provide a common operating picture (COP) for CEMA. Mr. Lipszyc was involved in designing and documenting processes related to the usage of the COP.

2013 ESRI Canada Award of Excellence for Innovation

This was another award received for the implementation of the GEM project.